Exploring North Carolina's Lookout Towers. Peter J. Barr, Photos by Kevin Adams

This awesome guide book includes

  • a detailed guide for hikes to each lookout tower
  • information about the views at each vista
  • over 200 amazing color photos of the tower views
  • a lively history of the building of these towers and those who worked on them
  • a companion website with detailed maps for reach hike

In the 1920s and 1930s, forestry organizations built dozens of lookout structures in Western North Carolina as the backbone of a firefighting system. Many of these lookouts survive in North Carolina today— they represent some of the best destinations for hikers who want to see the incredible vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Part hiking guide and part photography collection, this book contains wonderful stories about the history and folklore of the lookouts and their fire lookout inhabitants, a detailed guide of hikes to each, and details about the views at the top—all provided by a local, long-term land preservationist and lookout fanatic, Peter J. Barr. Barr’s text is augmented by the amazing full-color photographs of well-known nature photographer Kevin Adams (North Carolina Waterfalls).

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