Waterfalls of the Blue Ridge

Discover the Best Waterfalls in North Carolina and Virginia

Waterfalls are nature’s most captivating wonders. These hidden spectacles seem to hold all the secrets of the forest. The hills of the Blue Ridge harbor an incredible number of waterfalls. Hundreds of named falls and perhaps thousands more wait to be discovered any time of year.

In Waterfalls of the Blue Ridge, expert hiker and veteran outdoors writer Johnny Molloy guides you to 120 of the region’s best waterfalls, ranging from 10 to 500 feet high. Some require no hike at all, while others can only be seen from the trail. When you add hiking to a waterfall, you double your pleasure. Most trails in this book could stand alone, but they are even better when combined with the chance to visit a waterfall.

Covering the mountainous region along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Waterfalls of the Blue Ridge takes you into two states, three national parks, three wilderness areas, four national forests, eight state parks, and more! The waterfalls are grouped together by location and appear in geographic order, north to south.

The full-color guide provides the information you need to choose which waterfalls to visit. Take a quick look at the hiking distance and the level of difficulty. Then read the hike description, so you know what to expect. Maps, driving directions, and GPS trailhead coordinates help you get there, and professional photographs offer glimpses of the beauty that you’ll encounter on the trail.

Waterfall hiking in the mountains of the Blue Ridge is a marvelous way to experience the great outdoors. With this guide as your reference, you can seek out a different waterfall every time or hike to your favorite falls, time and again.

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